It’s Time to Tell Our Stories

by Jul 14, 2017film


‘If women don’t stand up for each other, than no one else will.’

Lisa Ling

A shift has begun. It’s long overdue and we need to show our support. When I step back and look at the stories that are being told through film & television in 2017, I’m quietly encouraged to see a rise in the female voice – both in front of the camera and behind.

Giving women the opportunity to not only tell their stories but create them- needs more attention, especially now.

Women make up a half of the world’s population. Not only do our voices need to be heard but our stories need to be seen.

We need more.

More women being supported in all areas of life – giving voice and context to the female experience. Unfortunately, shows featuring women supporting women are in short supply and in 2017, the power of the collective couldn’t be more relevant.

With the rise of shows like Grace & FrankieChewing Gum, GLOWOrange Is The New Black  Netflix has become a forerunner in supporting female driven content.

By moving focus from ‘me’ to ‘we,’ Netflix has become a home to storytellers that are given the freedom to create and share characters that reflect this cultural shift.

Image is incredibly powerful. By leaving the expected behind – progressing beyond ‘the girlfriend’ role – the rise in complex female characters is representational of bigger things. That women are not arm candy but layered, raw and complicated. That we do not fit a mold. That we are intrinsically different and ever evolving.

To more ‘we’ and less ‘me’.

To empowerment.

To change.