Who Are You? Branding Your Business on Pinterest

by Jul 27, 2018Business


I fell in love with Pinterest over 8 years ago and I’m not alone.

200 million people GLOBALLY, use Pinterest every month.

That’s right! 200 million people from around the world are using Pinterest every month! That’s an international audience no business should ignore.

Over the years, my love of the platform has grown.


Because Pinterest has always been about finding answers.

It’s a platform that allows me to collect, curate and  most importantly,  SHARE images and information quickly and easily. From exotic travel destinations, to removing a stubborn stain or helping me decide what meal to make next – Pinterest is the platform I use to help me answer everything. Knowing that people use Pinterest to plan – be it their next trip, their next outfit or their next meal – makes Pinterest the ultimate search engine.

Why am I sharing this?


According to Pinterest, 93% of active pinners said they use Pinterest to plan purchases, while 88% of users go on to purchase something they have pinned. 

Why would you not want these users to spend that money on you?

The potential that Pinterest offers us all to build awareness and audience, is HUGE and something I’d like to help you incorporate into your marketing strategy.

How do you do this?

That’s why I’m here. By working together, I want to help you leverage the power of Pinterest.  I’m here to work with YOU so your brand can fully benefit. By branding yourself properly, optimising all aspects of your Pinterest account – what will result is YOU targeting your DREAM CLIENT. It’s all about YOU becoming the brand your DREAM CLIENT chooses to go to FIRST. It’s about YOU building loyalty and targeting the RIGHT CLIENTS for your business. It’s about taking no more than 30 minutes a week to make this happen.

Where do I start?

By beginning with these 5 simple steps.

Today is all about setting your foundation from which we can build. Once you’ve made these changes, we can further delve into the platform. Over the next few months, what I want to do is keep things simple while reshaping the way you approach using Pinterest to build your business.

Are you ready?

Let’s do this!



It’s time to convert your account from a personal account to a business account. It’s free. It’s easy to do and it’s time for your Pinterest account to reflect who you are – a business. By switching over to a business account you’re going to unlock your account’s analytics. Analytics are everything when you’re building a business. Once you’ve made this change, you will also be able to create ads (something we’ll explore later on).



It’s all about seeing that little icon beside your website on your header as I’ve outlined in the image below.


By claiming your website, you’ll unlock even more analytics, ads and other pro tools Pinterest offers. Now in all fairness, I did illicit the help of my web guru Keith, of Mokalabs to help me do this. Tailwind has a great step by step article you can find here, for those who want to do it on their own.




Anybody who visits your profile is going to read your header to learn more about your business. Using your company logo as your picture makes it easy for people to identify your pins. Make sure the “about you” field helps explain what’s unique about your business. Aim to write a bio that is concise and that includes relevant keywords that connect to your brand. Ask someone who isn’t connected to your business to read your bio. This is a great way to make sure that what you’ve written truly answers who you are as a brand.  Don’t avoid the inclusion of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) keywords so Pinterest and users know what your business is all about.



It’s all about board covers and titles. I absolutely adore this part. This is where you get to make your Pinterest board a true reflection of who you are as a brand. If you’ve already established a colour palette and a have a company font – reflect both in your images you create as your board covers.

To expedite the process of creating these images, I use the app OverOver allows you to chose how you want to size you image and includes a preset board cover and pin option. Paired with being connected to Unsplash (a source for free stock photography) and having endless font and graphic choices, it makes creating content for your Pinterest account, simple and fun.

Once you’ve created your custom cover images you’ll need to upload them to your board. It’s worth the extra effort. Not only will it give your account an adhesive look but will help further visually define who you are as a brand.

Next, it’s all about how you name your boards. Remember, Pinterest is a search engine. Keep this in mind when naming your boards. You can opt for the most SEO-friendly, on-brand terms or create a mix of the two. Keep the titles relatively short and snappy and make sure to use the board’s description area to add in more keywords.



I often get asked, ‘Can you have too many boards?’ I believe you can. I feel less is more. Personally, I will not go over 50 boards. This is still a big number but one I feel I can maintain and support. If you have over 50 boards you do not have delete content. Pinterest offers you many different options – you can archive, make boards secret or meld the content of chosen boards together.


You’ve made it to the end.

Remember, we’re on this journey together. I’m so excited to share what I know and am here to support you and the growth of your business. Make sure to follow me on Pinterest and to share your questions, successes and adventures with me.

I will be back in two weeks with my next blog post.