The KISS Approach to Pinterest

by Aug 9, 2018Social Media

My dad was the first to introduce me to the KISS principal – and it’s something I find myself applying to every aspect of my life – especially social.

When I cut out the noise, the comparisons and inundation of opinion, I find that when I keep to keeping things simple, not only do I see improvement in my work, but my overall mindset.

Applying this to how you manage your Pinterest account is important. Don’t be overwhelmed – make your changes slowly and with care. Like everything – it’s a process – and as we’re all aware, the social landscape is in constant flux. Give yourself time but don’t be afraid to try these suggestions to see how they work for you and your account.

Since this is my second blog about optimising your Pinterest account, I want to talk about the importance of aesthetics.

Set the Mood: The KISS Principal

Your account is an extension of your BRAND. It’s a way to not only tell your story but share what you’ve learnt along the way. Remembering that Pinterest is a search engine, not a social platform –  the way you share your story is important.

Authenticity may seem like the word of the moment but it’s pivotal when telling your BRAND story. In order to connect, your content and messaging needs to be emotionally relevant. People will take action when they feel engaged and are inspired.

Have you looked at your Pinterest account on a desk top, cellphone and tablet? Have you asked trusted friends (who you know will be honest with you), what impression your account gives?  When we’re the creators, collaborators, managers and schedulers – it can difficult to not get overly invested and lose sight of how our social channels read.

Be open.

Ask for constructive criticism.

Use what you learn to refine and hone your account. It’s only going to strengthen the way you understand your BRAND but how you communicate your message to your audience.

So let’s begin.

I’m going to share 5 things I’d like you to try over the next 2 weeks. These simple changes are all about us working together. I want to help you leverage the power of Pinterest.  By branding yourself properly, optimising all aspects of your account – what will result is YOU targeting your DREAM CLIENT. It’s about taking no more than 30 minutes a week to make this happen.

Are you ready?

Let’s go!

Your Head Shot is Your Brand

Taken by me

Taken by professional                  photographer Ron Tungol

I love taking photographs but am not a fan of having my photo taken. With the rise of social media, having a professional head shot has become a necessity. Yes – our cellphones do come with built in cameras but the reality is, investing in having your head shot professionally done, will never go wasted. It doesn’t matter what social platform you visit, the first thing you see, is someones head shot. It’s our identifier and ultimately, becomes our brand.

What’s In a Name

Choosing the right title for your boards is something worth spending time on. Start by scrolling through the 32 topics Pinterest has available for your board to fit within.  After choosing your topic,  narrowing things down within that category to name your board becomes easier.

Now it’s time to chose your title for the board. You want to chose a name that is searchable. You want your boards to show up when someone is looking for what your board is about. Being part of Pinterests algorithm is paramount. Type your ideas into Pinterests search tool and see what comes up. Use other boards to inspire how you title your own.

Once you’ve named your board, consider integrating the sections option with your board. By utilising the ability to have sections within a specific board, you can further organise and reveal your brand story while avoiding the creation of niche boards that can be overlooked.


It’s fun to collect, upload and share – making it easy to get carried away.  But having too many boards becomes unmanageable. One of the questions I often get asked is, ‘How many boards should I have?’ Remember, you want to be able to manage your account. It’s about keeping things simple. You want to be able to feed new content throughout all your boards and not feel overwhelmed. Anything over 50 boards is too many. Now, if you have over 50 boards – don’t delete, meld. Look at your boards and make connections. Bring overlapping content together under the same title. Remember, the section option is also a great way to amalgamate content.

What’s on the Cover?

Once you’re boards have content, it’s time to chose a cover image. You have a couple of choices. You can either chose an image that is already part of the board or create brand specific cover images by using an app such as Over.


What you decide comes down to how aesthetically, you want to brand your account. If you’re undecided, try both and again, do a quick poll of trusted supporters, to see what they are more attracted too.


Click on the above image: The KISS Principal

Have you clicked on the GIF above? Is this not the best branding tool ever! I absolutely adore what I call the ‘carousel.’ This is something you can not ignore.

In the words of Pinterest:

Now when your customers visit you on Pinterest, you can greet them with a hand-picked showcase of the best ideas you have to offer. The new rotating showcase sits right at the top of your profile, so it’s the first thing people see. You get to decide how you introduce yourself, and how you shape the story of your business.

This is something you can use to highlight seasonal boards, new collaborations, opportunities and content. Make sure it reflects your business and the up coming season.


You’ve made it to the end.

Now some of my suggestions overlap with my first blog. Recognising that we all have a lot going on, I want to give you time and to not feel pressure when it comes to making these changes.

My third blog post is going to be a deep dive and I want us all to feel ready and caught up.

Remember, we’re on this journey together.

I’m so excited to share what I know and am here to support you and the growth of your business. Make sure to follow me on Pinterest and to share your questions, successes and adventures with me.

I will be back in two weeks with my next blog post.