Sunday Morning Mash-Up

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I have many mouths to feed but always feel tight on time. This is my go-to recipe when I have a few food items that need to be used up quickly. It always gets eaten up without compliant. When the plates return to the kitchen clean, I know I have a winner of a recipe. I have taken photos to document each step in even greater detail. If you try this recipe, share your comments with me. I’d love to hear from you.

What you need:

5 mild Italian sausages

1 large sweet potato

2 medium sized potatoes (yellow or white)

1 pepper (red, yellow or green)

a handful of mushrooms

1/2 an onion

4 cloves of fresh garlic

olive oil

1 tsp of butter

a large dash of parsley

a sprinkling of thyme

salt & pepper to taste (season to taste)

Wash & peel the sweet potato & potatoes. Cut each into bite sized pieces.

Do the same with the peppers, mushroom & onion.

brunch recipe

Sunday Morning Mash-up Recipe

Next, add the olive oil, butter, garlic & all the seasoning to a frying pan. Gradually, increase the heat and add in all your cut up veggies. Sautéing takes some time but its worth it. To me, I know its done once everything is starting to brown up. Check to make sure it is seasoned enough. Plus, test with a knife that your sweet potatoes & potatoes have softened. Pull the pan off the heat.


Sunday Morning Mash-up Recipe

Gently push the sausage out of the casing into the pan. It will naturally make a meatball like shape. Keep them small so they cook quickly. Once you’ve done this with all five sausages, put your pan back on medium heat.  Keep it all moving in the pan until the meat is cooked. I always check by removing a piece of the meat and cutting through the centre.

Sunday morning Mash-up

Sunday Morning Mash-up Recipe

While the meat is cooking (after about 10 mins on the heat)  I heat up a second pan to fry a egg to go on top of each serving.  It’s tasty with or without the egg. The egg could be scrambled, poached or over easy – it’s completely up to you.

Once the egg is cooked – serve the two together & brunch is served.

Sunday Morning Mash-up Recipe