Peter & Pat’s Pierogies: Just Like Babbas

by Apr 19, 2017food


For me, memory and food are intrinsically connected. Having been brought up by a mom that believed food could cure almost anything and a Babba that raised 5 kids on traditional Ukrainian foods- the pierogie is my go-to meal when emotionally, I need comfort.

I was taught how to make them from scratch. Standing in line, watching my mom in tandem with my grandmother as they stuffed and delicately closed each dumpling – is an amazing memory I will forever hold onto. Now raising 3 boys of my own while balancing a career – I’d love to say that I carve out time to make my own – but that would be a lie.

I am constantly on the lookout for a brand of pierogie that is just like my Babba & mom used to make. When I was sent Peter & Pat’s Pierogies to sample, I was excited. First, they come in a family sized bag. Looking at them before cooking them, you can see that the stuffing outweighs the dough – which is just like Babba’s. They are free of trans fats, cholesterol and use 100% real cheese. They are precooked so you can boil, fry, microwave or deep fry them – dependent on your preferences.

But how do they taste?

Really, really good. On their own, with a little bit of black pepper or piled high with sour cream & bacon bits – Peter & Pat’s Pierogies are delicious. The whole family enjoyed them. It was a simple meal that satisfied everyone’s tastes while helping me pass on the importance of family memory.

You can currently find Peter & Pat’s Pierogies at Costco Wholesale in the frozen food aisle.



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