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For me, Pinterest is a form of meditation. Having access to a constant flow of imagery, being shared and new, transports me into the realm of endless visual possibilities and creative engagements. From fashion to food, it is inspiring and ever changing. This is the reaction I had when I was first introduced to Pinterest, and it is the reason why I still pin every day.



Designer: Federica Tedeschi


With over 40,000 pins – being able to categorize, sort and build each board has become the equivalent of writing in a diary. When I scroll back and review my pinning history, I have come to understand my own aesthetic and taste that much more through my selection of pins. As one astute friend told my husband,’ Because of Pinterest, you can never use the excuse that you don’t know what Paula likes.’




I believe Pinterest is the platform to be used by anyone interested and driven by the visual image. Be it what to make for dinner, where you’d like to travel next or how to hang wallpaper– Pinterest is the social media platform that deserves your time. Follow me and I’ll follow you back.