Paint & Renovate

by Apr 21, 2015Home Decor

It’s All in the Desk

As our boys are growing,  so is the need to update their rooms.  As they come into their own sense of self – their rooms are in need of reflecting this. Now able to open the windows without losing sensation in my finger and toes, the time to get out the paint brushes, sand paper and drop cloths can no longer be delayed.

Stuffed animals and Lego have been replaced with PS3 consoles and reference books on Minecraft. Toy baskets are useless though having a proper desk – is a must. Thinking I would start with the walls, our eldest sons need for a work space took precedence. This is where Sonder Mill came in.

The space to visit when looking for one of a kind pieces, I instantly fell in love with the local designer – Son of a Woodcutter’s Reclaimed Pallet Wood desk. The combination of rustic, reclaimed wood against raw steel and a contemporary white pull out drawer – made it the perfect piece.

As Jack Fouracre, the man behind Son of a Woodcutter is quoted, ‘My goal is to produce high quality, affordable products that are aesthetically pleasing through their unique character. And when we say ‘unique’ we really mean it, every single piece is different: each with its distinctive grain, knots, war wounds and imperfections.’

The rest of the room is going to be designed around the desk. Here’s to hoping the rest of it comes comes together as easily as this.