Dinner with GatoNegro

by Feb 14, 2017food

GatoNegro has been making wine for over 55 years. Based in Chile, their wine is the oldest brand of Viña San Pedro. Statistically, every two seconds three GatoNegro bottles are opened somewhere in the world. So when I was approached to collaborate with them, I quickly said yes.

GatoNegro invited me to create a dinner menu that would profile three of their wines. I was up for the challenge. I love to cook and was inspired by the idea of shaping a menu that connected to each of the three wines. I chose their Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. Now, what to make to go with each? My aim was to keep the menu simple and flavourful.

I decided pair the Merlot with the appetizer course. Described as being intensely fruity, with an aroma of berries and plums, after tasting it for myself,  I couldn’t agree more. Rich and complex in flavour, I wanted to compliment it with a starter that is light and fresh. I chose to create a Burrata Salad.

Burrata is fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream. The outer shell is solid mozzarella, while the inside contains stracciatella and cream, giving it an unusual, soft texture. Layered between thinly sliced fresh tomato and basil, dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and salt, it’s a classic starter that never disappoints.

How to make a Burrata Salad

Setting the Table

Up close

The aroma alone of GatoNegro‘s Cabernet Sauvignon is enticing. Cherries, cassis and jammy undertones, instantly hit the tongue.  I wanted to pair this full-bodied wine with a protein that would melt into the lavish flavours of the wine. I chose my husband’s favourite cut of steak – a New York striploin. I went with our favourite sides of  whipped potatoes, roasted parmesan asparagus and sauteed onions and mushrooms.

Steak with Parmesan Asparagus, whipped potatoes, sauteed onions and mushrooms

Setting the Table

Up close

For dessert, it was all about the Sauvignon Blanc. Aptly described as summer in a bottle, herbal notes such as tomato leaf alongside fresh tropical fruits like grapefruit, pineapple, and mango, can all be identified in this lovely white wine. Crisp and clean are the words that immediately came to mind while drinking it. With the main course being quite heavy, I wanted to create a light dessert. Focusing on fresh fruit, I decided to soak and chill strawberries, raspberries and blueberries in the Sauvignon Blanc. As they were soaking, I made vanilla whip cream. With a scattering of mint dark chocolate on top, the dessert was a hit.

Soaked berries with Vanilla Whip cream

Setting the table

Up close

GatoNegro has become our new household favourite. With a extensive line of varied wines that will suit every palette, it has become part of homes wine collection. Be it the glass you pour at the end of the day, or the wine you look to help celebrate a special event – I say, chose GatoNegro.


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