Mompreneur Speaker Line-Up

Mompreneur Speaker Line-Up


Currently Paula is a visual art and music specialist at a private school in Toronto’s west end. She is also co-owner of an art + design firm named bearabbit. Inspired by attention to detail, colour and design and drawn to any and all things that excite and challenge her expectations, Paula is currently one of the top 25 pinners on Pinterest and ranks as #16 on ‘Repinly’. In 2012, Paula was ranked as one of the 50 most influential pinners in the world on Buzzfeed.


“From the beginning I had always been drawn to art, fashion and film. It began with religiously watching ‘Fashion Television’ on Sunday nights to watching a lot of classic and contemporary movies. I especially love Charlie Chaplin films.”


Paula’s second career is as a ‘tastemaker’ with Hello Society, a Pinterest Marketing and Technology Firm based in the U.S. that focuses on word-of-mouth marketing through Pinterest. Hello Society has teamed up with the world’s most influential pinners or ‘tastemakers’, as they are known, to give retailers word-of-mouth on a global scale. Paula is currently ranked as number #6 on Hello Society’s list of 250 tastemakers.

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