How Scheduling Has Grown My Blog Traffic by 500%

by Oct 3, 2018Consulting

How Scheduling Has Grown My Blog Traffic by 500%

by Oct 3, 2018Consulting0 comments

I resisted.

For years.


I pinned content manually because I was convinced, this is how you kept content fresh and authentic. It’s embarrassing how stubborn I became. Regardless of how many clients paired with my own content I was balancing at any given time, I did it all by hand. All day and all night. On a plane, on the beach… anytime, anywhere. Throw in multiple platforms and it was a 24 hr a day job. I was starting to hate posting. Sharing on social had become a chore. The feeling of dread was beginning to take over. What had begun as something I enjoyed, was quickly loosing its lustre.

Fearing burnout, I made a change.

I started to look at scheduling tools.

Sounds simple?

Sort of.

Finding a scheduling tool that would manage Pinterest and Instagram simultaneously, wasn’t.

Then it happened.

Tailwind announced it could do both.

After exploring the platform, I was surprised – both at how easy it was to navigate whilst opening up further insight into my content and audience.

Feelings of excitement had returned.



After installing Tailwind on my desktop and cellphone, scheduling became what saved me from leaving social all together. This may read as slightly dramatic – but it’s not.

To be in a space where booking biweekly sessions with Tailwind meant I could schedule a months worth of content in one go, also meant I could shift from having to think and manually post everyday to just quickly checking in occasionally. This gave me back my sanity and the time to reconnect with the want to create.


After I found my rhythm with the platform, something else unexpectedly happened.

I wanted to blog.

Excuse me?

Me, blog – YES!

The one who equated blogging to visiting the dentist, suddenly wanted to write.

I had time to think.

I had time to explore.

I was rediscovering what brought me joy.

In turn, scheduling  meant I could utilise all that I knew about my audience to optimise my content. After a couple of months, the proof was in the what I was seeing happening with my analytics. I went from having almost no website traffic to an increase of over 500%.

It was real. The benefits of scheduling are layered and many.

Tailwind may not be the scheduling tool for you and I respect that. Research what your options are. Give yourself your time back – time that you can do whatever you want with. Free your hands so you can reconnect with all that love.

If you do decide to go with Tailwind, please use the following referral code for 30 days free and let me know your thoughts:

This is not a sponsored post. It’s a post about making things simpler so we all can reconnect with everything that brings us happiness and joy.

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