Find Your Tribe: The Power of People

by Sep 25, 2018Consulting

This post is a little bit different.

I want to share my thoughts about finding your tribe on Pinterest.

Recognising that the phrase has become a bit overused, it is something worthy of your time from the perspective of building your brand. It may seem redundant but, without support, without community – building any business is impossible. Community should not only be about clients but supporting fellow entrepreneurs who encapsulate aesthetic and focus you admire.

The more connected we become, the stronger we become.

As a platform, Pinterest is a space that is all about sharing and connecting through idea and inspiration. The more you embrace this, the stronger your account and community will become.

Remember, Pinterest is a search engine.

Just as you want to be ‘found,’ supporting others that are creating and inspiring you through their content, is something that deserves your time. By building each other up, we’re creating a network that is all about support, awareness and brand elevation. This is what business and community is all about.

By repining others content you admire, not only are you showing support but bridging audience.

Collaboration is something that should never be ignored.

Collaboration is about connection.

The more connected we are, the more open we are to new opportunities. This is what business is about. Not being shy to support those around you that you love and admire.


The next time you’re pinning, make sure to show your fellow entrepreneurs some love by repining their content. This integration into your pinning habits will not only benefit fellow entrepreneurs but yourself – let’s focus on lifting each other up!

I’m so excited to be sharing this journey with you.

Remember, I’m here to support you and the growth of your business.

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I will be back in two weeks with my next blog post.