DIY: Using Clip Art to Capture Family Memories

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DIY: Using Clip Art to Capture Family Memories

With a hard drive over spilling over with family photos and always feeling tight for time, using GraphicStock to help me capture the quirkiness and fun of our day to day lives, is what this simple tutorial is all about.

Our dog Bella has become my children’s favourite protagonist in their creative writing. With limited storage space, I have begun using clip art paired with our family photos, to digitally save my children’s short stories. With three children and twenty years of school before us, getting creative with how to save their work while saving space, has become a must.

Here is a step by step example of how I do it:

First step is to decide on what photo and image from Graphic Stock you’d like to bring together. With the title of my child’s short story being, ‘Tea, biscuits and a Dog Named Earl,’ I decided to use this family photo of the dog with GraphicStocks, ‘Doodle Frames in British Style.’

doodle-frames-in-british-style_M1E9qt_d (2)bella1

Next step is to download the stock image of your choice as a JPEG. Make sure to also save the photo you’d like to work from to your desktop. I find this is the easiest way to work from both images.

Using Paint (I know this is old school but it’s easy and straightforward), I decided to cut out the image of Big Ben and paste it onto a new document. I then again do this with the image of ‘Earl.’  Playing with size and placement until it looks just the way I want – presto, the hard part is done! This is the moment to make sure you save your file.

Now it’s time to erase. First click on the eraser icon. Then click on the brush icon.  Choose the size of the brush and colour (in my case its white), and start erasing. This is where I get my children involved. They LOVE being part of the creative process and can’t get enough of erasing the extra space around the image. To help, I outline around the dog so they don’t erase too much. Don’t despair if a part of the image does accidentally get erased, just use the back arrow to reverse it and all is instantly fixed.


With Paint, you can add text, simple art and draw into your image as you wish. I decided to add text, some stars and a drawn crown. I also love adding colour. This can be done with the ‘Fill-it’ icon (the bucket that looks like it is about to spill). And that’s it. In under 25 minutes, we’ve made a cover image to accompany the short story of ‘Tea, Biscuits and a Dog Named Earl.’


It’s easy to turn ordinary photos, into fun and creative collages by using a stock site like GraphicStock.  Here are some other samples to get you started on your creative journey.

To download any of the graphics shown in this collection, you’ll have to sign up for a 7 day free trial with GraphicStock, where you can download up to 20 images a day.  If you don’t want to be enrolled in the paid unlimited download membership, simply cancel before your seven day trial is up.

To start your 7 day free trial, go HERE.

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