A Personalized Song by Pokemon

by Sep 18, 2017life

Netflix Birthdays On Demand

When it comes to planning my children’s birthday parties, I’d love to say that I create a Pinterest-worthy party every time…but I don’t.  The reality is the pressure of life and schedules often takes over, leaving me feeling overwhelmed. According to Netflix, I’m not alone.

Over three-quarters (82%) of parents around the world wish there was an easier way to make birthdays feel special for their children. Netflix just granted us our wish! On September 16th, Netflix launched the ultimate birthday gift – Netflix Birthdays on Demand. Consisting of 14 Birthday On-Demand featurettes starring our childrens favourite characters – these personalized messages are the perfect surprise to include in your child’s special day.

We surprised our youngest with a personalized birthday message by Pokemon and as captured through the photos, he was elated.

Thank you Netflix!

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