Gloria Green: When colour & compassion collide

Toronto based visual artist, Gloria Green, has been selected to exhibit as part of the Artist Project in connect with this years Contemporary Art Fair, happening February 19 – 22, 2015.

Green’s large scale paintings, inspired by the work of Franz Kline and Mark Rothko, are driven by her want to explore emotion and heart. Green works by day as a clinical dietician in the Paediatric Oncology Unit at Sick Kids Hospital. This paired with her love of music, makes her work very exploratory. As Green believes,  ‘the objective is to take her passion for music and science and build a multidisciplinary humanistic approach to painting.’ Green’s want to explore shape and repetition, is an extension of all her varied facets of identity. As Green herself states; “art is a continuous journey for me, full of surprises and self-exploration.”

As reflected in her series titled, ‘ Clusterphilia,’ Green’s strong use of colour, paired with the varied layered circles – are as playful, as they are dark. Imperfection within her compositions, challenges the viewer to question their own expectations to what is artistry and charm. Clusterphilia-I


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