by Jan 23, 2015Social Media

I was honoured to be part of a private tasting at EDO Restaurant earlier this week. The former name of Japan, EDO is all about respect of the ingredient, attention to detail and the love of true Japanese cuisine. As CEO and founder Barry Chaim so aptly shared, ‘It’s not money or sex that makes the world go around, it’s food.’

Chef Ryo Ozawa is the culinary mastermind behind EDO’s menu. Humbly presenting each and every course throughout the evening, I left the event both intellectually and gastronomically, satiated.  The rapport between Chaim and Chef Ozawa is as respectful as it is light –which translated into a truly wonderful evening.

The clean tastes, fresh fish and finite details within every dish – was breathtaking.  I would recommend the tiger tuna with miso and balsamic reduction, shrimp and spinach dumplings, EDO eggplant, and melt in your mouth Japanese-style chicken nuggets.

Whether you’re craving Japanese cuisine or sushi – EDO is the place to go.  EDO is about being treated to delectable, aromatic food that will leave you booking your next visit before ending your first.

For any additional information about Edo or to make a reservation please visit www.edorestaurants.com